today I’m going to be talking or I should say reviewing the Air Jordan 11 lo cool gray releasing April 28 for $175 I’m not a huge fan of 11 lows just in general I’m not a huge fan of lows I think they kind of look girly to me it’s just a shoe that looks better on women especially when I saw this you know I’m a big fan of the cool grades we haven’t seen the cool gray since 2010 I believe and I just thought to myself why can’t and they just release a high top you know I got these anyway figured you know what let me check them out it’s a fire shoe you know a cutaway is clean you can’t go wrong with the gray then I got them in hand and it really changed everything changed my whole perspective now in my opinion,cheap jordan 11, I think this will be an easier to get it may even kind of sit but when I say kind of sit I mean sit and it won’t sell out instantly that’s just my predictions on it like I said retail is $175 in my mind I just can’t see there being a big resale or you know a lot of hype on this shoe just,cheap jordan shoes, because it is a low this is the last time we really had high bun alone the biggest thing for me was all right you know what am I gonna wear with these and after wearing these I actually wear these to the shoe palace Justin Timberlake release and I worn with black jeans and they ended up being really really hard like putting them on feet so this review is basically gonna emphasize.

what it looks like on feet just the on feet I feel it looks way better than in jeans and it does shorts and that’s just me personally when I keep this review completely short I’m gonna tell you the main thing the shoe has the patent leather,cheap jordans, we have the white midsole the ice blue sole then what is really crazy is when you get close this material is nothing like cool gray 11 high it’s actually like a suede material which makes it a lot more high-quality in my opinion simple as that Ray silhouette very dope shoe great for summer sizing on this go true to size .

I went with the 12 fits perfect far as what I’d wear with this shoe black all black you could even get away with some white pants it’s about it in my opinion that’s what I would wear [Music] let me know if you’ll be copying the errors were in 11 low cool gray this is your boy sneaking life I see you guys the next one run hey Jimmy yo thank you guys so much for watching man if you could check out this video or check out this video I definitely appreciate it yay

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