2006 Fresh Prince Jordan 5 Grape Restoration

how’s it going YouTube welcome back to this new episode of restorations with Nick what I have on my desk today is a pair of 2006 Air Jordan gray fives got these on eBay for a great price ever since I saw well Smith’s water using fresh prints I’ve always been a fan of this colorway of course they’re beat this shoe has been heavily worn the last 12 years we have yellow soles crash Smith soles others are pretty dirty and scuffed up creasing all around we have a lot of work on this shoe of course I’m not to go in give it the works using rejuvenated products repaint the uppers repaint the men’s souls do some gluing on the toe cap I don’t know what I’m gonna do about the yellowing yet usually I don’t like to remove the yelling because it takes forever and the yelling always comes back I’m gonna go with the flow on this restoration so let’s get to it . so for this cleaning we are going to be using the shermanator street brush single line system we’re gonna need all four brushes to get this clean just right the first brush we’re gonna be using is our soft pencil brush we’re gonna dunk it in the bowl and start going ham on the uppers the reason why I using the stop bristle brush is because it creates the most suds and it breaks down the dirt the fastest one thing I do always forget to do is take out some of the dirt that’s inside sitting in the shoe so take out the shoe tree hit the shoe real quick this is a fortune cookie . tongue is starting to look a lot cleaner the washing machine will take care of the brass as you can see right here is supposed to be a nice brand new white right now it’s really thin G and brown this seam you can get that out as well Oaks pretty damn good check it out just grabbing for about two minutes that looks pretty damn good I’m sure getting whiter after I use the washing machine I’m all done with the stop bristle brush for now I hit the tongues at the sock liner so now we’re gonna move on to using our all-purpose medium brush to work on the leather uppers one thing I did notice though is under the netting the fabric is pretty dingy I can’t really get to it on the surface of the meting so what I’m gonna do is use the same brush but scrub on the inside of the shoe so on the inside part right here kind of hard to show right here on the inside same thing on this side as well where he’s gonna scrub – it is the trick to getting the inside of the netting everything as possible all right let’s put the shoe tree back in and get to work using the stamp wrestle brush we’re gonna try to get as much of the Grimes Adam soles whatever grime is still left we’ll move on nebraska’s alright so the toe cap looks a lot better it stains the route the white stitching looks really good the sole looks just as great as well except for those couple of spots are just staying clean off but overall that she looks pretty good last time.

you got to do is clean up these insoles and clean out these super dirty laces dunk our laces inside the water inside the bowl I think too crazy the washing machine will take care most of it it’s good to go this is where the magic happens let’s put the shoe inside the sneak a laundry bag and take it to the washing machine boom let’s go alright somebody dropped the mean one in here guys so I have to have this thing on we’re good I’m gonna do this fast who’s you the washing machine guys we’ve got the whole water connected we don’t want to turn it on cold water with a small cycle as always we’re only cleaning one shoe god it’s unbearable in here of course we’re gonna need a one ounce of our stinking our new detergent pour it inside on the shoe close it up BAM shoe is fully clean and fully dried overall they looked a lot better than what they used to look like over here we’re gonna toebox super crushed shoe all around and stained and grimy same thing with the soles now let’s look at the after the Nilan on the tongue is back to white soles look good as you can see.jordan 11 china, the rubber toe cap back to white same thing with the soils they look really good the only stain that didn’t come out are the ones that I had a hard time scrubbing I just need a solid stain overall they look good there is some separation though it wasn’t this drastic but it was starting to peeling some areas I just made it a lot worse I started picking at it the toe cap is gonna need a full reglue and same thing on this pan over here and a little bit on this side shoes old guys it is from 2006 it’s making it 12 years old it happens gets better so luckily I can reglue it but first we got to do a lot of prep work using some acetone cotton balls and tape we’re gonna tape off the uppers and scrub all that all blew out that way when we go in and apply the new glue it’ll bond perfectly . one thing I do want to mention if you scrub too hard you can stone on the midsole on a shoe that is 12 years old like this there’s a good chance it will start to deteriorate so what happened was I stripped a little too hard to the point where the edges are a little rough it’s not really noticeable it’s not ruined but if I would have scrub a little more I would for sure made this a lot worse so that’s something to keep in mind if you guys are removing the glue off a shoe like this when I go in and strip them in so I’m not gonna use mine stone how many use Kalka haul so let’s go ahead and move on to the next step which is tying the tape so we could go in and apply the bar cement a little paintbrush all right so you have a glue win we’re gonna wait seven minutes then we’re gonna heat it up and then clap together . [Applause] . the majority the pain is off the Med sauce all around alcohol was super easy I highly recommend using it on older fives they wiped off it no problem we’re gonna repaint the Mitchells later on for now we’re gonna focus on these souls I did mention in the beginning of the video I wasn’t exactly sure what I was gonna do with the netting or the souls so I decided to try to remove the yellowing on these 。

we’re gonna be using salon care for tea and some saran wrap did you get these back to icy clear you wouldn’t need to at least spend two to four weeks it’s not one of those things where the yellowing comes out right away it’s a process we’ll see what kind of difference we get so pretty mature we’re gonna do is apply it a nice even coat on the stalls put the saran wrap put the shoe inside the indoor setup leave it for a straight 24 hours pull it out and we’re gonna compare it to the four shoe maybe there’ll be no difference at all maybe we’ll see a little difference or maybe we’ll see a big difference I don’t know but let’s see what happens . all right guys it’s been 24 hours and as you can see ,cheap jordan 11,we did get some results not any crazy ones but we got results as you can see on the sides it looks a lot clearer compared to before the before just looks very piss yellow over here it’s a lot more clear it’s almost as clear as a netting the netting on the other hand you cannot remove the yellowing on it you can put salon care for tea in the end or setup or even the Sun but you’ll get very minimal results for the Mentos I already went ahead and strip them so what I got to do next is tape off the uppers and source‘ . just go ahead and lay down the first color which is grape we’ll be using an angular brush . . all right so we had the purple down nice and even no brushstrokes so now let’s go ahead and lay down the black . second clothes lay down onto the third will be using emeralds and some tape so for this part we’ll be laying down the paint on the teeth and it’s triangle on this side for the teeth I like to break it up into different pieces first on this side another one right here lay down the paint once this tooth is done I’ll remove the tape move on to the second one once that one’s done third then fourth and then fill the gaps on the rest on this side I’ll tape around it and they done Emerald super-easy and we’ll finish up the mess . missiles are looking good guys although with that will spray the mass finish later on in this video, now we’re gonna move on to the toe box as you can see there’s still some heavy creasing it’s a little crushed not as bad as how it look but you know it’s not it’s not perfect looking so we’re gonna be using the iron message for this process what you’re gonna want to do is take out the shoe tree stuff it was something I’m gonna use it for shooting in her towel and I went up push out the Creasy kind of reshape this tote box with your hands and then you’re gonna want to grab a wet rag so what I did was grab an old t-shirt and cut it up I soaked it so now I’m gonna put it over the toe box just like so and then you’re gonna grab your iron and simply iron it out all right take a look at that creasing the before toe box is really crushed even the shoe trees and the washing machine couldn’t get it out yaaaaa method did a pretty good job there is still some heavy creasing around right here the iron method is not going to fully take that out of what it is gonna do is nicely reshape the toe box like as you can see right here .

so moving on to the netting for this area in the beginning it wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do removing the yellowing was not an option just cause it’s not possible so the next best thing I could do is either diet or paint it for this one I’m gonna paint it I’m gonna tape around all three parts of the netting and lay down . and he’s good to go guys looks nice and clean too crazy nice and subtle my opinion looks good I could have gone with white or black or any other color I wanted white it’s just nice and clean looking so we’re almost done with this restoration all we gotta do now is work on the leather as you can see over here we got some scuffs on this area over here as well and a couple of scratches and Nick’s on the leather pretty easy to touch up for this area right here and this area we’re going to wipe it off you can rubbing alcohol and cotton balls . cheap jordan 11 low,disgust on this area right here wiped off with no problem at all now we go ahead and you some acetone and cotton swabs to prep some of the little areas like these little scratch marks over here a couple of toebox after it’s prepped we’re gonna paint them and spray it with krylon matte finish place it up and wrap up this video . . alright guys that is gonna bring us to an end on his full restoration on these 2006 great fives went ahead and touched up the uppers sprayed on with the matte finish and laced them up as you can see that before-and-after is pretty drastic the main thing on this shoot was that it was super dirty and grimy luckily our products took care of all that I gave it a full cleaning using all four brushes our stiff bristled brush our medium bristle brush our Sabra so brush and our brass bristle brush once the shoot was fully appreciated I went ahead and put the shoe inside a laundry bag went to the washing machine gave it a full washing cycle using our detergent as well and got rid of all the deep stains and all the grime all around the shoe once the cleaning was fully done I moved on to e gluing the toe cap on this area right here and same thing with the midsole the glue job came out flush on the soles I went ahead and he oxidized him for 24 hours if I had a couple more weeks I’m sure I could have got these Souls back to icy clear unfortunately I only had 24 hours but it did make a difference as you can see on the before and after not much but it did make a difference once I was done removing the yellowing off the soles I moved on through painting the missiles then for the netting the netting was another beast since you can’t really remove the yellowing off it I went ahead and paint it it looks nice and subtle nothing too crazy it’s just nice and clean I also went ahead to remove the creasing using the iron method touched up the uppers and that’s how I got these amazing results overall this restoration with a slight custom came out really good just so you guys know this restoration took me a good day and a half I know my videos are 10 to 15 minutes long but in reality they take a while the key to this restoration the custom is pure patience guys so that’s gonna wrap it up guys head over to Russia near comm to purchase any of our affiliated products we’re shermanator comm use my promo code in description below save some money use my promo code this is vic almighty hope you guys enjoy this video I’ll see you guys next Monday.

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