2006 Kawasaki Ninja 650R Chinese fairings unboxing Review

can you so uh I leave this out here could see what it looks like I mean it looks really nice I mean for think about it guys I mean whole set of fairies you know 400 bucks I mean okay yeah I mean there are some differences okay you can if you look at it the inside you know it looks like the molding wasn’t done super perfect but in the outside which is what matters look at that perfect not a scratch not a bubble nothing so who cares um it’s in the debt or you know spent thousands of dollars getting a whole new set of fairies but it looks really nice this inner pieces here the inner families that go inside behind here,cbr 500r fairings, I use the original OEM stuff I already installed that last night along with the turning signals so yeah I got that done just to make life a little easier you know things .

were a little faster along with all the other or they sent me heat shield which I bought extra anyway because the other bike when I got it the first thing that I noticed on the bottom was that whoever put the finish together didn’t pay a lot of attention to he chewed and things were not right so the first thing that happened of course the bottom fairy melted look like so I took it apart doesn’t matter we’re gonna do all-new fairies are gonna fix everything up this piece here the front fender I think I’m gonna leave that in the bike,yamaha r1 fairings, you know the original one looks pretty good one less thing for me to do I mean my end up selling so much stuff on eBay you know and make some of the money back that I had paid for it who knows also this windscreen that they sent me for free which call the program thank sticker also for free you know the gifts to they give you this piece here that I had fixed on the other bike.

I draw my end up keeping that in there too so that that’s never gonna be some leftover stuff and I do have some ovm stuff that I had gotten from a local guy here I think whatever I don’t use I’m gonna end up probably uh put enough for sale you know I mean I did spend quite a lot of money ordering this stuff and be nice to uh have a little money ,cheap motorcycle fairings,you know back from all the the money I spent but anyhow um this is it those are the fairings there’s the box that he came in I mean it did I tell you what they ain’t know what they’re doing the a packing was perfect so alright let me put this down and we’re gonna continue working on a bike taking you old fairies out and we’ll see I’ll take it from there

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