2007 CBR600RR AuctMarts Fairings Post Install Review

welcome back to the Aqua art fairings review as you can see they’re all attached they’re all on the bike it’s looking sharp I’m really liking it so I finished putting them on about a week ago and then weather was finally kind of decent here which today it is not nice and rainy out there yeah we had some decent weather this week in the Chicagoland area so I went out and took it on a few rides kind of got a feel for the for the bike with the new plastics on it just to see if there’s any major difference from the OEM ones and I’m happy to report I don’t notice any difference other than it looks a lot nicer so where to begin the fairing overall quality let’s just say in compared to the OEM feel that I really don’t notice the difference I’ve heard some guys say that the aftermarket ones from Hong Kong and China are a little more brittle plastics cheaper and a little more brittle I felt like he it had the same feel to it that there wasn’t really any issues to with how it felt ,yamaha r6 fairings,I will say they are not 100% the same fitment I’d say they’re 90% there some people complained a little go it’s a 7 out of 10 I think they have hype too high expectations the things line up perfectly yeah for the most part they did honestly I will say the holes and the finishing things so things like these clips here .

where they sign up these were not perfect on all the fairings everywhere where there’s Clips you just had some issues lining up especially right here we can see that this doesn’t line up perfectly some things look right there you can see that doesn’t line up 100% perfectly the seat cowl here kinda has a big gap there then gets tight at the back and doesn’t flow perfectly but you know it looking at my OEM ones on the other side it’s like super tight but you know looking at the old young ones they want I never look perfect than anything either overall I’m satisfied with what they did for me here the paint quality is decent you know it’s probably one or two coats and then a clear coat on top ,r1 fairings,I do notice it’s pretty easy to scratch you got to be careful over here see I scratched that putting it on no big deal good thing I went with the white underneath it’s probably a white plastic over here also swish I was getting the gasket in this gasket is very difficult if you can see that I can focus there this gasket is very very tight to squeeze in and I teach a screwdriver to kind of wiggle it into place and accidentally got a little cattywampus did that paint quality’s good you know here’s that scratch that you probably remember from the first unboxing video so that was really the only scratch I could find out it from them oh wait there’s one more like a chip during the painting process.

I’m trying to focus in on that again I’m kind of hard to see in the Strand person fitment issues this black windscreen from them this does not line up perfectly there’s about a small gap about that big but you can’t even see it really from the distance these front clips everything lined up pretty well actually I’ve heard some people zip tie these but plugged in and I’ve been riding I put maybe 50 miles on I mean any issue probably my biggest gripe was the front fit front fender fairing as you can see it’s a fairly crooked nothing rubs off doesn’t cause any issues when I’m riding just kind of irritates me when I’m standing back and looking at it but whatever again I paid like 400 bucks ship for all this and it looks amazing compared to the old blue I’ll try and toss a photo up in there what used to look like if you don’t remember from the last video but and the look I wanted I wanted white but I wanted clean white I didn’t want all those Tiger graphics that these CV are going to have I had the wheels powder-coated rudd which my powder coater did an amazing job on and then yeah I eyeball matched the red for these side bearings and they’re fairly close I mean maybe like a slight shade off but everything’s in the same tone I’m super super thrilled and yeah I think it looks good the graphics look great I was concerned that the edges on these graphics would be kind of rigid or rigid but like rough and they’re straight everything looks good it looks like they put clear coat over everything I will note I did notice yesterday,cheap motorcycle fairings, I got home from a ride look good – you look good honestly my om ones were like chipped from rocks and stuff it’s a ten-year-old bike the mileage is low but the previous owner lived in kind of a gravelly area so I think he got hit with a lot of rocks with ropes and stuff so now everything looks nice and clean but right here I’ll be able to show this on the a I mean there it’s kind of coming up and kind of pushing it down but I don’t know if I did that it looks like I did that wall as wax and it looks like there’s some wax on Druitt I don’t know if they clear coated over this or not okay looks like they did but I don’t know why that’s lifting that just that spot didn’t get a good coverage yeah I mean everything’s smooth there’s no orange peel really maybe a little but not bad you know this sticker that they included it’s working fine I bought it bottom isn’t like perfectly sticking there’s a little bit of it coming up but already protects the tank for me and I’m not gonna buy a $50 guard to protect $400 fairings overall does the job looks good I’ve gotten so many compliments on it for my friends and family and just random people that i’ve written by i’m thrilled would i buy it again absolutely if these get messed up in a year or two if I still have this bike I’ll totally get another set maybe go black but yeah anyway that’s my arm arts fair review I would say if you’re looking at home you want to jump into them .

I would go for it the money you don’t want to pay two thousand dollars for a new set of om ones or whatever they charge and you can do your own custom color learn which really makes you personalize the bike I guarantee you I won’t see another how-to CVR on the road that looks like mine isn’t that what bikes is all about is making it for yourself yeah I’m super thrilled definitely recommend it the whole installation took me about two days about three hours each day I’ll sing cuz I’m anal and I go really slow and take my time and really make sure all the bolts are right and everything the included hardware they gave was I rather I purchased was $15 for the additional hardware I think I use maybe like the bolts they included I had most of the OEM ones but the previous owner had swapped a few out for some Ace Hardware so I swapped those in they’re not a hundred percent perfectly the same size this was the one I had to swap you can tell and it’s hard to focus them you could tell the head is not really big enough it’s like barely grabbing but it is holding for now and you no problem later I’ll get replaceable also the head on this I think was a four millimeter and these are typically five millimeter so probably to throw an additional tool man I’m gonna have to take these off on the world soon yeah everything looks good did come with a heat shrink which I cut with scissors and put there on the exhaust protected a little more I’m happy guys and if you’re looking into these I definitely recommend getting them definitely apply a coat of wax like I said I don’t know how thick the clear coat they do is anything to help protect it but be a little careful around the graphics when you’re waxing it in case you get the same issue where you get when I start lifting up on it yeah that’s my off marks review hope you enjoyed it hope it helps you make your decision if you’re thinking about it – thanks and if you like this video please subscribe I’m gonna try and keep adding more videos of stuff I’m doing on bikes we’re gonna getting a GoPro right now and some other stuff for my helmet so yeah this whole summer I’m looking to do a bunch of videos see your

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