Air Jordan 5 Behind The Design

when you think of World War two planes and you probably don’t think of how you can use it as inspiration for a shoe fortunately for us all Tinker Hatfield did just that this is the Air Jordan 5 and the story behind the shoe it was 1990 and Tinker had already proved successful with the Air Jordan Line however Tinker isn’t one to rest on his laurels and knew,cheap jordan shoes, he needed to keep pushing with the Jordan 5 from the asymmetrical collar to the sculpted midsole to the high cut angle tinker was once again working with Mike and creating another game-changing silhouette a lot of what we see in the Air Jordan 5 came from the Air Jordan 3 & 4 the visible air unit and the Jumpman logo came from the Jordan 3 while the mesh panels were borrowed from the Air Jordan 4 though the eyelets are not exactly the same as the Jordan 4 they do feel like they have the same roots as the prior model but as you can tell everything on the Air Jordan 5 was not the same there are several key differences that helped Mike to one of the best seasons of his career inspired by world war ii plane the air jordan 5 featured a beautifully sculpted midsole that featured segmented teeth at the forefoot in a thick padded ankle.

however the most distinct area of the jordan 5 was the tongue tinker added the 3m reflective materials to the oversized area that highlighted the Jumpman logo and of course reflected the flashing lights of the stadium on the outsole Tigra added a translucent rubber which also highlighted the Jumpman that was there as well these adjustments and changes to the design,cheap jordan 11, weren’t all for looks tinker added additional support to the ankle of the shoe and added a lace lock to keep your shoes laced tight cosmetically the Jordan 5 was the first Jordan to take on the great colorway though it has been used on several models and retro since then Nike also used Jordan’s number on the heel of the shoe for some of the retros and used nike air on the heel as well at the time Jordan Brand hadn’t officially been formed in the Jumpman logo hadn’t replaced the Nike Air branding .

of course it is not all tinker Jordan had one of his best years while wearing the Air Jordan 5 he made his fifth all-star game all-nba first team all-nba defense and another league scoring title at the end of that season the Bulls ended up losing to the Pistons,cheap jordans for sale, but it resulted in Mike hitting a stride that would set the standard for Championships in the NBA designed by Pinker inspired by a fighter jet the air joy and five brought some pieces of the past and mixed it with the future the visible air you negate might the cushioning that he needed while the pad and ankle kept him protected on top of all that we get a good look at what storytelling will be like on the air Jordan Retro line with that grape colorway I am your host Jacques Slade and this is the air jordan five.

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