How to Removing fairings

Oh moving theorems when I 97% satire 250 start with the easy bit and at the rear sight off step very easy and I start over to the side ok so you start from the back of the bike and walk work towards the front so you don’t want to start by undoing some screws yeah you’ve got one just here and you’ve got one here you know one do and also in behind the clips there you want to undo them as well and it’s mirror image the other side and then look at taking this off is your two allen keys just there and turn that off and commit you all right so you want to start with the pillion grab handle and once you get the two allen head bolts off it’s just a matter of pulling it away that expose another two bolts to get the side alright once you’ve got the screws undone it’s simply just a matter of pulling the faring away from the bike it’s just a cup of little pushing grabs once you head off it’s just a matter of disconnecting indicators and place it down in my safe now I’m gonna leave this on this demonstration but if you do want to take it off this hex head bolt here comes undone ,yamaha r6 fairings,there’s one on the other side and just simply lifts away so that’s nice and easy doesn’t need to be explained too much all right now if you can do this outside.

I suggest you set up some sort of shake because that Australian Sun gets real quick now for the front of the block we want to start with these nuts here which for the mirrors one way of making this really easy is a ratchet spanner if you don’t have a ratchet spinner stand up on a work phone undo them and then the mirror will just pull away all right I’m fairing time yeah if you want to take the deflector off it’s really simple all you’ve got to do is take off the five screws a little slide up I’m not going to bother with this one ,r1 fairings,because I’m taking the the front hat pairing off so it’s just going to come with it no worries never take the front fairing off it’s just the three screws here and in on the other side of the bike now once the three bolts are off you’re going to have to pull the fairing so that the ring in there comes out of the hole put forward drop down rest on the on the ferry yep yeah you don’t want to me too .

you don’t want to meet it you’re going to want to unplug the light once you’ve got that unplugged simply take the unfair hang off pull over to the side right over to the side with the front fairing off we can now get to the instrument gauge surround so really easily we can do that screw that screw and move on the other side tap em off pull it up and out time floor side pharynx okay so undo that screw this I’m Katie bolt this LMK bolt this screw and this screw you know that’s gonna take the fairing off make sure that you unplug the indicator at this point,cheap motorcycle fairings, before you start undoing screws I’ve just make it easier to actually pull the fairing off and do one fairing at a time because the center of the fairings will want to come off as you undo these screws so take this one off take this side off under these screws on this side and then remove that then do that side the other side is just a mirror image of this side so nice .

when I take the forks off to do the seals in them because they go on and there’s blown oil everywhere but that’s another story and here’s your bearings nicely sitting on the ground placed gently so they won’t get scratched all right if you enjoyed the video be sure to comment on any tattoos that you’d like to see or any other video ideas you might have it give us a thumbs up if you liked the video and be sure to subscribe to my channel for plenty of extra videos there’ll be lots of how to’s kawasaki said there are 250 to follow alright as always ride safe drive safe stay safe catch you later guys

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